From A to All - Haku Style Trinket dish

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Haku is our latest and most affordable collection to date. Haku (はく) means To Brush, to Sweep, or gather up. This Is exactly what we aimed at when creating this simple yet elegant collection, Brushing or sweeping gold pigment across the form and expecting not perfection but beauty after every stroke. Each piece is intriguingly, uniquely beautiful, and purposeful; you will find a range of items in this collection that will perfectly fit any space of your home, office, salon, or spa... Made out of pure Jesmonite, our latest obsession, highly resistant to breakage and specially sealed to repel most liquids and dust. Ideal for tea candles, jewelry dish, Incense, palo Santo or Sage Holder. Diameter: 9 cm x 2.8 cm This Item is NOT food safe**