Eclectic Collective - Moroccan Rug Floor Pouf Cover

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These Moroccan floor poufs are all made out of vintage wool rugs making them all one of a kind. That being said they will ship in assorted colors and designs depending on what we have in stock. Dimensions are approx 24" x 24" and between 8-10" in height Poufs come either stuffed or unstuffed. If you choose the filled option we will fill it with a high density foam insert. This gives it more of a structured look and sturdy feel. If you choose to get the cover only you can also fill it with polyfil that you can get at any craft store. Each pouf will need 5 lbs of polyfil. This will give it a more relaxed flatter look pillow like look. These are great for extra seating especially for kids as well as dog beds!