I'm only wearing clothes I can nap in . Welcome to 2020

2020 dad sweats naps tie dye

Welcome to 2020!  No bras, no more tight jeans, no heels, no more fancy dresses we pay way too much money for and wear once... ahhh I can get used to this.  

Hello repurposed tees, tie-dyed EVERYTHING, bike shorts, oversized tees (that were in previously in the giveaway bag), leopard workout sets I might not actually workout in, dad sweats that all of sudden feel cool, heart shaped sunnies- just cause... its a viiiiiiiiiibe!

Also, I think its the year of "these are how boobs look with no bra, in my cute Marli Tank, and I'm not wearing a strapless cause they suck" 

Lets wear what feels good and makes us happy.  Life is too short, and too hard to wear clothes we can't nap in.  

Bring on the tie dye!